Speaking comes from listening.


Latin is great. Medical Latin is still pretty great and its uses have kept most of us alive (including myself) for now. Latin Orators and there are too many to mention also have their place. We follow a well worn path to becoming great leaders by what we choose to consume. Consuming through reading and listening. Otherwise we are all talking and are basically a deaf society. How can one even call it such with everyone talking and no one listening?

Sitting here at a borrowed desk in a research library near a hospital. Covered in case files. Meanwhile. The world itself always seems on fire. Always. AURES CLAUDERE. I’m not deaf. I watch a couple hundred news stations a day. Observing and not just repeating other people’s talking points. Granted its not helpful in Google rankings and SEO. Or. Employment. I’ve lost jobs for observing injustices and speaking about them. Imagine spending years working towards something for yourself. Then, getting it taken away by a company representative. AURES CLAUDERE. Sounds Ecclesiastical Latin. Its not a bad thing. The Latin translation of the Bible is very good. Each line is like a tiny story. No. Deaf ears here.

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