STAR Interview Questions

STAR interview questions are like the newest things in hiring especially for positions with certifications. So. I decided to share my answer to one I’ve had to answer for other interviewers. It’s actually pretty hard to think with the STAR interview question structure as far as our actions and the outcomes of those actions. Then, they will flip it and are like, “tell me the bad things you’ve done.” 😀 Hahaha. Right. So you try to verbalize a scenario from your life that doesn’t exactly scare them away. Ha. I enjoyed the old way of interviewing that felt more like an awkward first date from a friend that thought “you’d be cute together.”

Star interview questions

My STAR interview question and response.

When have you completed a difficult task or project?

My answer.


Working towards my last certification before applying for hospital positions was difficult with a full time job and not a lot of savings due to the pandemic. I just knew if I did

n’t retrain I’d be unequipped for these or any events in the future. So. I needed to go back to college to get another certification.


I was actually currently in college for something else but was running low on money so I had to make a tough decision and end that attempt at that degree and just pursue the medical board certification. I really tried to stay on task with a plan for everything and focused on that single goal of graduating.


Using what little money I had left I finished my semester and then took the prep course for the certification. It was a yearlong course I finished in 2 months. Using many available tools to retain all the information needed to pass the exam. I have passed two out of the three parts and will finish the third in a wee

k. Most of my time after work and before work has been devoted to studying and reading the materials related to healthcare and my future position.


I can say I was happy with the results by finishing one of my three hour final exams in 41 minutes. Leaving me with an overall grade of 91% for that medical class. It is important to believe that you can do greater things. It is also important to break greatness down to a manageable process. If I cannot manage my own actions how can I expect greatness?


That was off the top of my head but, I read it out loud and it’s almost 2 minutes or about 230 words. Basically, a STAR interview question is a quick essay on a life event and how you overcame something. A hero’s journey. So.

How to answer the STAR Interview questions.

  • Define the reason for doing something
  • Define what needs to get done. It’s different than the first.
  • Define how you got the thing done.
  • Share the results of your work.
  • Make sure it’s a decent story. Don’t oversell yourself but at least make it to two minutes to show some effort. 

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