Still a bit confused between HIIT, Tabata, and METCON

I rushed home after helping heart patients. I actually feel pretty good after a workout. HIIT. TABATA. METCON. Seem about the same to me. Just, plain hard when you do them correctly. 😀 I mean. Sometimes I’ll do it again if I have nothing else going on. Which, is kind of rare with college classes. Work, and such.

I did two workouts today and no repeats because…I have a three part final. Nine hour test. Who does that? :-/ I do. Haha.


Heather Robertson’s No Repeat Full Body Workout

Heather Robertson’s Brutal Full Body HIIT

If you’re studying this semester really make time to workout. Nothing is a good substitute for working out. Drinking. Partying. Reading. You still have to work out. Haha. De-stress. I release all the conflicts from work and make them tiny. I always feel like I could have done a little more for them. Not everyone cares that much but I like to think when there’s emergencies they snap out of their conceit. Working out, is helpful in that regard that I cannot fix what others do only myself. I was lucky myself with my heart condition and the large improvements in my heart health. I don’t share it with everyone like some poster boy of “You can too.” I just try to listen as much as I can because everyone is on their own journey. I really try to do the most good because our patients deserve the best care in their conditions. After a Heather Robertson workout I’m tired but focused and ready to finish the night in my books. I almost have my appointment set for my final. Its one of THOSE finals. I feel more confident after working out. Not overly confident, I still stare at medical cases and gross specimens with awe of the human condition. There is a humbleness there in helping someone get the care they need or have needed for a long time.