Studying can be overwhelming, focus.

It can be, I’m not going to lie that studying is great and you can be everything you want to be. There are many talented people will avoid all successes by avoiding studying and higher education. It’s a tough room. Is it the instructors that can be a bit of a bully making an environment for learning even more overwhelming? Is it the togetherness or need to be liked by other students that can be overwhelming? Or, even the job market which requires even more learning to understand where you might fit even after talking with recruiters who are now the gatekeepers to all jobs, ever.

“I can mop.”

“Ehhhhhhh. Where’s your mop Master’s degree?”

“Okay. You got me, I don’t have one.”

“I’ll just add you to the email newsletter we put out everyday.”


make four folders

Control. What you can control.

I now know why there’s seasons especially in retail. You get all this stuff all year and no boxes to put them in. Imagine how weird morning cereal would be without a bowl to hold the milk? I am being honest. I create similar problems for myself with desktop. I study. I do my CE Certs. (Continuing education credits.)  Then, I’ll get more in depth on their presentations pulling up medical journals and case studies. Because college. You get all this knowledge and then you keep asking why. 😀 Then, you make a big mess with all these documents and pictures and need to put them somewhere. Before I put them away into a box to never see again I always ask myself.

Will I need this in six months?

If it’s a no. I’ll delete it. I try not to keep everything right from the beginning. A bit of pre-Marie Kondo before I need to tidy up.

Do the continuing education.

You may not want to and that is such a general definition. Continuing education might mean just starting college. Then, you get into a group as a member that shares specific knowledge on your specialty. Kind of like, a Youtube but just for your specialty. No trolls. No “What about if this is Biden’s fault for air?” None of that. Just, this is a challenge facing your specialty this is a solution or a way to think critically and get ideas on solutions. Its not as fun as beer. I don’t think anything will be as fun as beer, ever. It is a path you took to attain knowledge and it will never end.

The Purdue Cert folder.

It did take a while to add anything to the Purdue folder. I just kept going. I kept making time and saying no to everything and everyone. I took it serious. I passed and yesterday I added something to the Purdue folder. Two years later. One thing.

Separating education from rules.

Rules. There are so many things to know with medical in general. Then, the governing bodies and federal requirements need a way to understand the workflow. Not, after you have an incident but before. Stay diligent. Read everything and put in a place where you can find it for those moments when you recall info and it sounds weird so you look it up again. Then, when they change the rules. Which happens all the time you can have a record of the old rule and physically see where the change took place. Which is great for memory recall.

Education has a similar problem. It’s not a bad thing to try new ways of learnings systems. I just don’t like sitting there nodding away in class and then leave and think:

Wait. What? I need to look at that again. 😀


I only needed four main folders to group ideas and concepts and regulations. Then I further subdivide from there. Any quizzes, I take or create are a subdivided folder. It’s just important to not be overwhelmed or anxious while learning new things. Find ways, to understand what it takes to get there and understand that there will look different for pretty much everyone.