Terribly Happy

A cop is transferred from Copenhagen to a small town. Looked similar to Tollbooth from the trailer about a criminal residing in a small Wales town. I really liked that one. So, it doesn’t follow our cliche cop films in the United States. It’s noir so the darker parts of our human experience. There’s all these small events happening around the cop and he seems to care but is powerless. Maybe, that’s the premise more cops are not really the answer to safe communities. Almost just, ignorance is bliss.

You empathize with the main character’s powerlessness. As the story starts to take shape he seems to be less able to fix things. How, we imagine the police can just fix everything. A boy gets caught stealing. He gives him a warning. His father punches him in the face twice after threatening the cop for doing his job. Such, a perfectly timed moment in the film. Setting the dominos to fall for the remaining parts. I felt just as powerless watching the dad. It’s natural and artificial at the same moment. We have social understanding now. Just, don’t do it and especially not in front of the police.

It has the social horror feel of Get Out. Where events and outcomes spiral out of control but somehow also manageable. Except, I thought with using a cop it was really clever. He’s in the community but not within it. He’s the outsider and everyone tends to let him know. Seething. The locals always seem to be seething when he appears even when they need him. It’s very, unsettling.