The best breakup song. Ever.

“Tu fais l’amour en deux poussées”:D You make love in two pushes. Hahahaha. Beatrice Martin wrote the breakup fight. You’re leaving and out the door but you want to make sure the other person is just, the most terrible person on Earth. All this is their fault. You don’t want to love them and you want to make sure they feel the most unloved. Ever. dLike only, someone that loved you can tell you. Music, can share parallels to the performance. These layers are wonderful in most music but Europe has my heart. It’s filled with breakup songs. I should just collect them and share them.

The notes

I mean once through the song and you just feel like this great love song. Not knowing it’s a breakup song. The relationship is over and she’s singing these filthy things to her lover in the sweetest way. This song. This version. So beautiful in it’s music but the lyrics are deceiving.

The layers

Beatrice Martin has become quite a powerhouse but this quiet presentation of “Adieu” is one of my favorite songs, ever. I love that it can be enjoyed different ways. I think the original was much more poppy and light to match the subversive lyrics. More, like a Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. Very female empowerment. Or, something but this quiet almost interlude in a Quebec Hotel was an amazing way to present this song.

The Environment

People sitting at a lunch or dinner service and this amazing woman just starts with an almost childlike arrangement of music. Reaching for chords that feel nostalgic. Not knowing what music is in store. Singing an argument that would make most men blush. It was 2011. Beatrice Martin was about to divorce her spouse. Some successes for her but she seems like a real artist just creating to live mostly. Nothing like a Disney “Let it go.” Or. Whatever. 😀 I guess, that could be a breakup song too.