The Lowly Snickerdoodle

At the end of my day. If I’ve done everything I could do. I have a Snickerdoodle cookie. Sometimes with a bit of coffee. Only, if I’ve done everything I had planned. If I haven’t well, I skip it and use it as motivation for tomorrow.

A lot of men choose beer. 👍🙂 I’m not like a lot of men. I’ve thought about changing it up but I’m pretty happy with a single snickerdoodle and a cup of coffee. If I had a great date I’d have to leave and go do this rather than, anything else. I’d explain to her but she might think it was insane which in all fairness it is my thing. Not everyone has the same thing and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. 🤣

I don’t tell you to stop vaping. Stop yelling at your screen while on FaceTime. Stop taking over the Phoenix and Scottsdale sidewalks for influencer photo shoots.

So. There’s that.

I make a list of things. I do the things. My daily reward is a snickerdoole.