The Three Musketeers

the three musketeers movie

I don’t like remakes but I’ll sit for an Alexandre Dumas story. The 2011 version of The Musketeers is a modern retelling compared to the 1993 version. All of his stories have been told or offered as elements in other films. The original Oceans 11. These squad based films of almost anarchy created just before America became a thing.

Most Dumas remakes are kind of flat in the dialogue. The original stories have vibrant characters that are as dashing as they are informal throwing verbal blows better than any hip-hop artists of today. My favorite remake was Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel in 2002. He was so good in that one the pages really came alive but still had that balance. Where the story remains true to its bones. It is a wonder though, Dumas stories take place nearly the same time as Pirates of The Caribbean yet, no Three Musketeers adventure ride. Damn. 😁 If only history was as lucrative as Disney or slavery. We might even get some Albert Einstein tea cups ride.

I know I didn’t mention anything about The The Musketeers film. It, was better than DiCaprio’s “Man In The Iron Mask”, in 1998. The plot, a bit like now with the European Empires. There’s a new king and an economic collapse coming. A deceptive church that wants to rule everything in some kind of strange nationalism. Of course, throughout all this country saving there’s time for romance. I enjoy an attempt at modernizing a classic. There’s enough movie there to enjoy it. I think it has low ratings mostly because of its path from the original story. Yet, Joaquin Phoenix does weird stuff to the Joker character and he walks home with a box full of trophies. 😁🤣


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