There is more power in division than unity.

A person that has something has no reason to fear until they are challenged. The act itself might stir enough emotions within themselves. They make up their own stories. Or, they fear that through uniting is just a front to take their somethings. They will have to share. They aren’t good at sharing even if it’s for the good of everyone.

But division. Someone even mentions division and it’s like power has already shifted. Thousands of people still come together. Immediately share. For the cause. They might say they would have more but, it’s the other guy’s fault. Division makes someone act more than the false claims of unity out of fear. Don’t be manipulated by either and slow down and think things through.

Is this really a thing?

Is this thing worth my time?

How would I feel in that situation?

Is my giving, enough?

I think the last one plays on everyone’s good nature. You might give to a cause you care about and everything is still broken for years. It’s life. The cause, is less than the social norms. Even if it’s seeming to be a better idea. I rode my bicycle as my only vehicle for a decade. It did not create unity only more division between myself and cars. You know what? It was a good lesson in perseverance because as long as I showed up people controlled their impulses. Only through recording my rides and posting them on YouTube. So. Unity was achieved after all. Power eventually shifts towards unity even when manipulated by fear. As long as we all have a common goal like getting home or going to work.