Two Years of Filming

It started after a serious accident that put me in the hospital for six months. Then, will there were two more collisions while in crosswalks and two more disappointing police encounters. That I thought, “Well, what’s the best nonviolent approach to this?”

Because. Nonviolence is really the answer to anything. If you want change you have to really put yourself out there. Every. Damn. Day.

I’ve had my share of public officers try to silence me. Every year though, the City of Phoenix publishes injury reports that have glaringly obvious reasons for these collisions. How does a pedestrian “cause” a collision while crossing the street in a protected crosswalk?

That, is our highest location of collisions. It also was two of the three collisions I’ve had with vehicles while traveling in Phoenix. In the crosswalk! Who hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk? Phoenix drivers.

🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ All day. 🤦‍♂️

Since filming and uploading video to YouTube. There’s been backlash from the City. 🙄😇🤣🤣.

It’s expected. The numbers aren’t adding up and the videos I’m making seem to detail other systemic problems. Like:

  • Homelessness
  • Trash
  • Low income neighborhoods versus higher income neighborhoods
    • Lower income neighborhoods have crappy sidewalk
      • Report them. Wait months and the city fills the holes rather than fixes the jagged sidewalks.
    • Higher income neighborhoods do not have this problem.
      • Is it taxes? They always claim its taxes
      • Taxes are being paid in both neighborhoods
  • Police do come about the same time in both neighborhoods.

I do see that. There is a difference between laws adhered too and laws not observed when I have the camera visible. People do not like looking selfish. Which means they are aware of their driving habits. How selfish it is and the complete disregard for the safety of others in Phoenix Arizona.

The laws themselves are not that great for bicycles in Arizona as a state. There’s a lot of holes and they haven’t been updated for years.

Do more laws and fines reduce collisions?

If nobody saw you then no law was broken. That’s the current narrative in Phoenix Arizona. It’s really always been that way even before cars. Laws are helpful to encourage people when they are enforced to encourage better choices. The fines are too remind you of the wrong choice you made. A community is maintained by the frame of laws and the restrictions from fines and penalties.

I’m not man-splaining I’ll make my point now.

Laws and fines are not working for only a few people but it seems like many because of the pseudo-community of social media itself. It looks like a never ending cycle of uncaring people. You like one video and an algorithm promotes a thousand more uncaring videos. There, in that community is not real life. Is not the fleshy person that would like it if you did what was better for the real life community. That you would face real consequences if certain actions are continued, in your community. No matter, how many likes or shares you received encouraging the behavior.

Laws are an enduring concept since, forever. Laws create community and social media is lawless therefore it destroys communities. But! It also, is just as effective when approaching the idea of lawlessness. Because. People don’t like to be known for being selfish.