Upgrade. An okay film.

I’m surprised I took this long to watch this. It’s very PKD. Fear the future. We lose. That sort of thing. The music was amazing.

Universal Pictures.

It has a lot of good things there in the soundtrack. It kind of reminded me of Blade Runner or even Ghost In The Shell. The original versions. It did have the revenge theme cliche that some compared to Death Wish. I saw it more like the Wuxia kung fu films. Where the character hero has a handicap. A blind swordsman. A child. A personal conflict and how that plays out in their world.

This decade’s martial arts films are usually omitted from reviews much like Bollywood. Much like, science fiction itself. Haha. Fear of technology is a good theme but I’m not sure if it could fit the tastes of mass audience for an entire season. Sure. We know Facebook and Amazon are evil but, the alternatives are nothing. The same with any portion of society that promotes lasting health and a chance to play God. It becomes a cliche and more like our old gods. Science fiction is in a bit of a desert since the pandemic and possibly before. Since everything just, became zombies. Jason Blum, if you’re writing the series no zombie sub plots. Don’t do it. Keep Jed, he made an okay film pretty good.


Blum, J. & Wharren, L. (2018). Upgrade [Motion Picture]. US: BH Tilt.

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