Upload your resume.

uploading your resume

Fun Friday night. Forgot about resumes with, all this studying. 😀 Coffie is made we’ll figure out what I’ve been doing for a living for the past, 10 years. Federal jobs like ten years. You know, if you had some tough spots. Don’t be afraid to at least tell your side of the story. If that employer doesn’t call you back. Well, that’s life. Don’t make it a big thing. 

Writing the tough choices.

I’ve made some tough choices. I’ve fought some good battles. I’ve lost. Obviously. Make some coffee. Make a resume and get back to studying. I have another huge final exam in…11 days. This resume was kind a detour from studying tonight. Only because I have an interview on Monday. 😀 See. I don’t cry about jobs I don’t get or people that don’t see me as an asset. If you’re so great to everyone you might be lying to yourself. 

It’s not how I want to live the rest of my life. To think, if there’s all these vacant positions in medical and I’ve been completing all these classes. I won’t let a few No’s stop me from my goal of a medical position. You know? Why? There’s 7,000 other positions that aren’t even posted publicly. So. If anything, don’t let a few No’s or:

“You went to Purdue? We don’t accept Purdue here.” 

Purdue is ranked 47th for medical and 29th for Biomedical.
University of Arizona is ranked 74th.

Arizona State isn’t ranked.

Having the idea and getting the education sometimes, is not enough to a hiring manager. You look at the job description and you fit until you ask about the position. Then, you don’t fit. I think that part can be discouraging not just for Biomedical but a grocery store cashier. A car washer. A Subway Sandwich Artist.

People are going to look at you.

Don’t be discouraged. Keep asking questions and keep asking and refreshing your skills. Things change all the time. Right? Don’t–. Just don’t, even if you want too. Don’t. Let it go, look at what’s available and refresh. People are going to look at you and wonder how lucky they are to have you as an employee. That’s where you’re energy should be not looking behind you.

You don’t accept Purdue?

Write that resume. Put in all of it. Then, when it’s huge, do the cutting like a sculpture. Rough it out. Remember what you learned and how great you felt learning there. That’s what I would look for when hiring someone. How much can this person retain and apply? How teachable are they not so much trainable. We are not dogs. We are people, that have done every kind of job to graduate from some place. “Oh we don’t accept Purdue.

That makes me laugh. Right next to this comment is the seal for the medical board that recognizes Purdue as it’s only training facility. So. I’m like….okay. Right. The royal We not your medical facility or Purdue. Sigh. People can be strange.