Vegan Donuts For Dinner

I’ve been like go go go on my first day as a butcher. So. I had a donut and a bagel for dinner. Oh man. I don’t think I’ve ate this good in a long time. I’m usually just a brown rice, quinoa, beans, and tofu. Today, I had vegan donuts and, so much coffee.

A guy asked me where to get those from his fancy Audi.

“Inside. Take a left in the back. They’re so good!”

Even though it’s been a few hours since they were made they are still moist. Vegan food has a longer freshness time for some reason.

Hm. Donuts for dinner because, I’m an adult. I just finished the dinner rush. I cut and weighed I think 600 pounds of meat so far. I made so many kabobs. People asked questions about meat.

“You don’t eat meat? But you fillet it so well.”

“I was a medical student. So.”


“Well. Have a nice day then. Thanks for stopping by.”

The pace is hectic but really fun. I don’t know how to cook meat or seafood so I have that to figure out. I think people just want to feel validated. That, they make good choices and we should indulge a little. I do enjoy meat when I can afford it and love a good prime rib. My friends joke I work at the carniceria in Scottsdale. I’m like, kinda. 🤣🤣🤣

I have filet mignon to strip. Bye.