Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is a tradition. The wedding industry is worth $57 billion. We just had a billion dollar Powerball and weddings nationally spend 57x more than that. That’s a lot.

The average cost of a wedding in Arizona is $18,782. Seems like a legitimate number after both my friends were just married over the summer. They, actually chose the summer to get more of a discount because well, Arizona. It sucks here in the summer.

So. With the average number of $18,000 it seems like it matches the average pay for a wedding photographer in Arizona. Which ranges from $600-1,800. Both, my friends paid $1,800 for their photographers.

Then, both were not able to get their photos or their money back from the photographer.

For the area, the price seemed like a fair amount. I mean, some artists grab enough material in the first few hours and others spend all night. Everyone works differently. I just really felt for both of them.

“Where’s the wedding photos I want to see how fat I am?” 🤣🤣

“He’s still not answering.”

You can’t help but feel pained for them. They put on a good show. A wedding. One weekend is Friend A, then Friend B. Pay someone else to worry about capturing this moment. It’s fine. I have to, you know express my love and stuff.

One text message at 2 am to Friend B:

I’m almost done cleaning up the photos and editing the video. I just need another $4,000.

Sketchy Artist/Photographer

Holding a moment hostage. Your moment. You fell in love. You asked and she said yes. Then, on your day you hire a guy. He’s got reference. You’ve known him for years. He’s done freaking movies. Now. You want to renegotiate? At 2 am with no proof of concept? Just, take you at your word? Hm.

The younger friend balled his eyes out.

The older friend said, “Life makes losses.”

His Mom is in Europe and too old to travel anymore. He bought the photographer for her. He just wanted to share that moment with her. His Mom and Dad could barely afford a dress. So. They saved for material and she sewed her own. They married at their church in a small village in Europe with just a ribbon he tied to her finger. His Dad worked hard, put it all into his kids and never could afford a ring. She still has the ribbon.