What ten dollars can mean to someone.

I made some chicken. Previously, a lady I work with was having trouble. She really dislikes me. She’s leaving from our job and notices she had no gas. She asked everyone that was leaving. No one has cash nowadays. She looked at me. Then, looked away.

“Can I borrow ten dollars?”

I had cash. She’s struggling a bit. A hard life made those lines that put hashtags in her dimples. Borrowed work clothes that don’t quite fit. I smiled. I nodded. I dug in my pocket for a ten-ner.

“I’ll pay you back.”

“It’s fine, really.”

I didn’t want to go into my story. She has to rush to get gas and pick up kids. I have to go study. Today, she walked up to me and hands me ten dollars. I wasn’t expecting that. Ever.

I smiled. I bought some chicken on the way home. People, should be able to afford to go to work. That’s all. You know. Why is she working if she can’t afford gas to the job?

Meanwhile, my boss yelled at me to the point it looked like a fight between us. I nodded.

“You win. Okay?”

I sighed.

She cleaned an office nearby. She walked up to me and asked if I was okay.

I smiled. I nodded.

I can’t fix her problems and she can’t fix mine. I made her day with the ten dollars to barely get by to payday tomorrow. She made my day with some chicken tonight.

As humbling as it is to ask someone you may not agree with for money to make it to pay day. Do not feel like no one is there.

In the reverse, Heather Robertson maker of the workouts I’ve been enjoying. Something like millions of followers. I gave her ten dollars. Heather thanked me. Certainly she didn’t have too. It wasn’t a spam email either a comment on her largest social network. Both occurrences were very unexpected. Ate dinner in silence, in awe of the human condition. With a gratitude that really comes from unexpected kindness.