What was Satan’s sin?

We may raise the question but we cannot answer it. When sin was first conceived in the mind of Satan there was nothing in all the universe to suggest it–there was no temptation, no occasion for it.


Reverend Hollis Read, 1872

This 1872 book is mind blowing for it’s dialogue and arguments not just for existence of good and evil. For the endeavor of fully realizing the character of Satan within context. He, well as angels being the first non-binary LGBTQ characters. The idea, Satan as punching bag for the Divine. He was and has been since the creation of Angels which was sometime long before the seven days. Long before galaxies.


I like old sermons. I like the subject of the occult because as a young man. I’d pour over cases where regular people felt, not Jesus. They felt compelled to do awful things for the reward of something imaginary. Much like, what many do now for social media status. Within their friend group of other believers they are divine for these physical sacrifices. It is a strange place, Earth.


I just never thought about it until reading Reverend Read’s sermon about what Satan might have done. To become Satan. He wasn’t just the snake in the tree. He commanded the Angels. Before even sin existed. He fell. That’s just mind blowing how on either end of power. Those with it and those without it can still face sin if the reward is seemed to be greater than their own existence.



Rev. H. Reed (1872). The Footprints of Satan. New York: E. B. Treat.