When cars get stolen.

My friend’s car was stolen while I was studying inside. I didn’t hear anything. Not a thing. He calls me and says the cameras shows a guy pushing it into the street and then starting it. I don’t have access to these cameras.

I feel guilty. I feel stupid. Why didn’t I see it? I know why, I was studying. I was in the zone learning and trying to ace my final next week. He can be very selfish with my time. Sometimes. I didn’t steal the car. Then, it made me think….if I knew and did something. Assault? Murder? That new event would change everything I’ve worked for years to get too. This action, would have changed my life and he worries about a car. A thing over me and my life.

These are, realistically “poor people problems.” Another poor person saw an opportunity to steal in a Phoenix Arizona ghetto. An easy steal no one would catch him. No one did. We have cops here and they are usually at bigger felonies. Supposedly. Would a policeman have been able to stop him? He probably would have just drove by and maybe waved. How would he or she know?

“I think I left the keys in it?”

“Well? I’m sorry.”