Who pays for higher prices.

At my favorite pizza place for a study break and noticed higher prices. I ordered and waited and a homeless guy came in and waited, a pizza hit the counter. He walked up and took it and sat down.

Did you get your pepperoni?

Pizza owner.

I looked at the homeless guy. He looked away with two slices in his hands. Cops don’t fly down the street for petty theft. I looked at the owner.

“Can I get another one?”

I wasn’t planning on getting two pizzas. Really. I just, wasn’t sure. What was the most humane way to deal with this situation. I don’t want to pay twice as much for pizza as everyone else. That, doesn’t seem fair. It’s good pizza but that’s like $52 for a pepperoni. Not even in Manhattan or Vegas. 😱😁


I watched the homeless man eat my pizza and drink my soda. I worked for that. I waited in traffic for that, two hours a day. I earned a vacation day to go get pizza for lunch. His pizza that was once mine when I ordered it. I stood there hugging the wall. The cold wall. I’m exhausted from studying and black coffee.

A drink flies across the counter. Well. Life is getter.

The homeless guy grabs a ton of napkins and shoves them in his pockets. I get it, a whole pizza and you definitely need a bathroom later. 🤣


I don’t think he saw me waiting outside. Then, just waited for my pizza. Unlike the victim mentality of the world I try to be rational. He’s probably done this before. Walked in. Ate. Left it a mess.


Of course prices go up when everyone has to pay for another meal for someone else.

“I’d like order a pizza.”

“For you or someone else?”


It’s not a common practice.

The owner did apologize. It was not until the homeless man walked up with my cup and asked for a refill that he told him he had to leave. That’s when he finally looked around and saw a couple dozen people staring. He feigned some apologetic look across his face and shuffled out the door.

The owner apologized, again. We aren’t, cruel people but the social norms of everyone are practiced until it’s second nature. I buy a pizza when i have time and also, when I could afford it. I’d I could do neither I wouldn’t take other people’s pizza. Then again, if I had a stint of homelessness I wouldn’t have a need to exercise the restraint of social norms. If I was homeless, I could just walk in somewhere and start eating. If I get a cop citation or jail it’s a win-win. A free place and free food.