Working out is working out.

I did two of these today. I think I’m going to do a Yoga one tomorrow. Keep it light. I have to go back to the doctor again. :/

Doctor: What are you doing?
Kenzie Townsend: Nothing. (:D)


I mean, its a hard spot to put anyone. A doctor isn’t gonna say:

Doctor: This looks awful. Why don’t you just, drink whisky and do lots of blow.

Kenzie Townsend: Really?

Sorry. I mean–. Eat lots of ice cream and steak. I don’t even eat that much ice cream to begin with. My best friend is diabetic so I’m always eating whatever he could eat. Haha. I mostly eat Buddha bowls, sunflower seeds, and black coffee. I know. The last one. But look okay?  I mean if I have to give up coffee. For my situation, It really wouldn’t make much of a difference. No beer. Fine. No whisky. Fine. They both are about the same as coffee but create more complex problems. Coffee on the other hand because all my other levels are fine. No one suggested it and I didn’t bring it up. 😀

So. Working out. Heather Robertson does have kind of format that I like. It’s intense. You can go as hard as you can there’s no “10 of these. Then, do pyramids. Then, max weights.” Its very minimalist. I’m, very minimalist. So. It fits. The music did take a moment to learn to enjoy. Because. Its the gym music I’ve made fun of most of my life. It did, kind of grow on me. The alternative would be to mute it and put in ear buds. Then, just synchronize your watch so you could catch her cues for workout changes. Um. So. I thought about it. 😀  Only because I have a ton of cool DMC DJ mixes saved from when I rode my bicycle all over Phoenix.

There’s nothing wrong with Heather Robertson’s format or music. I find them really challenging.