Yoga Burpees

CrossFit burpees are aggressive. They’re supposed to be. Errr! 🤣 SEAL Burpees are aggressive too. You could even do them on a decline to increase the difficulty.

As I’ve um, gotten older. I realized I can go really hard one workout and have to pretty much limp for a week or more because of previous injuries.

That’s when I was messing around with both movements and what I learned in yoga and tried to combine it all into something useful. Maybe not for the CrossFit workout types but the ones that might like to take things slower. While still activating the most muscles possible. I’ll do like 5-15 minutes of these yoga burpees and then a few rounds of 1 minute planks. Usually by the second or third round I start to get winded but I’m not exhausted. I know that’s the point of fitness to give everything but, is it?

The cool thing about yoga and slower movement activities is its engagement with your body. I feel like all my muscles are pushing and pulling to complete the round rather than the major ones. I also feel like I’m not just working towards mass. I have lots of mass. 🤣🤣🙄

I also don’t feel the muscles tear or joint pain as much. Which, if you’re in your twenties then, good for you. Keep doing marathons everyday. It catches up to you.

What do you do when extreme levels of fitness catches up to you?

I did or would feel kind of depressed I couldn’t run anymore. I still can’t after a severe accident that almost took my leg off. Its a reaction. Being depressed from a known limit and unknown solution. The known limitation is I cannot run and I also cannot ride my bike as far anymore. The unknown solution, you have to let go of finding a way to run again. To lift heavy again. To do cross country on a bicycle.

I accepted that and I felt better about my limited movement. I felt my back start to have less pain and my injured leg have less inflammation at the joints. So. No it wasn’t a magic pill or a new fitness invention.

Just a mat.

Accept the solutions that cause the least pain during your fitness journey. Listen to your body and respect it letting it recover. Then, try new ways to do old things.